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Are You Ready For A Clear Path To Your College Future?

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    We Offer    

College and Career Bootcamp
Private Advisory Counseling
Workshop Speaker /Facilitator
  • In-State College Tours

  • Out-of-State College Tours

  • Prices Vary based upon 1 time or continuous partnership as well as travel distance.

  • Study Strategies

  • Time Management Strategies

  • GPA Maintenance

  • Scholarship  Searches

  • College Application Completion

  • Editing Essays

  • Recommendations

  • 30-minute free consultation

3-Part College Bootcamp Program

  • Academic Preparation 

  • Financial Preparation

  • Parent Training

  • Tomorrow Starts Now: Time Management

  • Financial Planning Easy Planning 123: Financial Planning

  • How to Plant Your Seeds: Leadership and Community Service Strategies

   Private Advisory Coaching Pricing Packages 

Recommended for 9th &10th Grade High School Students 
Recommended for 11th &12th
Grade High School Students 
Recommended for 11th &12th Grade High School Students
  • 30-Minute Free Consultation

  • Individualized plan

  • Workbook: Zero Dollars to Full Scholarship 

  • Resume Building: (Search for Community Service and Leadership Opportunities

  • Edit Essays, Locate and Complete 10-20 Scholarships 

  • Weekly 1-hour sessions

  • $1250 for 12 sessions (additional taxes and fees will be added) 

  • All Bronze Package

  • Time management strategies

  • Academic preparation (GPA tips, study strategies, develop resume)

  • Locate and complete 20-30 scholarships.

  • Edit and revise 20-30 Essays for Scholarships

  • Weekly 1-hour sessions & one 15 min check-in/week

  • $2550 for 24 sessions (additional taxes and fees will be added)

  • All Silver Package

  • Up to 20 College Application Completions

  • Edit and Revise All Common App Essays

  • Locate and complete 40-50 Scholarships

  • Edit and Revise 40-50 Essays for Scholarships

  • Weekly 1-hour sessions & two 15 min checks-in/week.

  • $5,050 for 1 year (additional taxes and fees will be added)

Recommended for any student needing scholarship resources
Recommended for any student applying for a college/trade/certification program
  • 30-Minute Free Consultation

  • Individualized plan

  • Completion of 3 college applications w/ essay reviews for $650

  • Completion of 5 college applications w/ essay reviews for $850

  • Completion of 7 college applications w/ essay reviews for $1,050

  • Completion of 8 up to 12 college applications w/ essay reviews for $2050

  • Weekly 1-hour session

  • 3-months

  • (additional taxes and fees will be added) 

  • 30-minute Free Consultation

  • Individualized Plan

  • Edit Essays, locate and complete10-20 Scholarships for $650

  • Edit Essays, locate and complete 20-30 Scholarships for $850

  • Edit Essays, locate and complete 30-40 Scholarships for $1,050

  • Weekly 1-hour sessions 

  • 3 months 

  • (additional taxes and fees will be added)

Optional Payment Plans




Empower With Words LLC

Empower with Words is a career focus organization who is dedicated to empower high school students and young adults to find their passion for a better future through Unity, Integrity and Accountability. By treating everyone’s needs with respect, we remove any worldly bias and treat everyone equally.  We believe that young minds with a Goal Focus mentality is what the world needs for a brighter tomorrow.  At Empower with Words, we pour knowledge and facilitate the steps needed to enroll each person into the College, Trade School or Certification Program/Facility that best aligns with their Career goals. 



   the Staff  


Shantel Nock is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Empower With Words College Prep. To alleviate feelings of stress and being overwhelmed with the college and scholarship planning processes, she established the organization to assist parents and students. She successfully provides strategies through individual coaching, group workshops, and college tours to students and their guardians to help them academically and financially navigate the college process. 

To overcome poverty in a rural area, Shantel excelled in academics. This determination resulted in being a Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship Recipient. Through this scholarship, she was afforded the opportunity to receive both a bachelors and masters degree in the Health and Human Services field.

Shantel is an International and Professional Public Speaker as well as a Leader of Toastmasters International Speaking Organization in Woodbridge, VA. She is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc and an active servant and youth mentor within her church as well as Gavel Club  facilitator of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. Alexandria-Mt. Vernon Chapter. 


Adarn Mckoy

Adarn Mckoy serves as the current President and Operational Manager Assistant of Empower With Words College Prep. In this role, Adarn is responsible for leading and providing valuable strategies and innovation to each Department of Empower With Words College Prep; Private Coaching,  College Tour, and Group Workshops.


She currently oversees the Student Intern Program. Since joining this organization, Adarn has demonstrated her leadership and organization roles in a diversity of settings and student age groups. Her attention to detail and ability to manage have allowed this organization to service more students. 

Adarn earned an undergraduate degree in Government from George Mason University. She brings strong operational and strategic skills with a passion for children and embodies Empower With Words’ mission:  helping young adults reach their full academic and career potential. 



Russian-Speaking Student Inspired during a group workshop

Tour of Dormitory

College Tour

Clark Atlanta Class of 2022

Empowerment Workshop with middle school students

Teaching Positive Affirmations

Scholarship Search Session

Inspiring and Guiding Youth

Scholarship Recipient

International Student Seminar

ODU College Tour

Liberty University Graduate

Oglethorpe University Class of 2022

Norfolk State University Class of 2022



“Professional. Resourceful. Caring. Working with Shantel Nock consulting delivered the results my daughter needed in financing her college education. If you’re looking for a result-driven solution, turn to her and her team to get it done. Thanks Shantel!”





East Atlanta Area



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