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Empower with Words: Education, Inc and Garamb Inc. are pleased to support students who excel in academics and community involvement.

About The Scholarship

About Gina Scholarship

Following the unexpected passing of Regina Morgan Ayres, a memorial scholarship fund was created by her high school friends in her honor, with initial donations in January 2018 from Charles Evans III, Ana Ibarra, Tarah Fosque, Shantel Nock, Raven Garris, and Marcus Fletcher.


Regina possessed many artistic gifts and talents including fashion-design, make-up, and hair. Perhaps her most well-known talent was her ability to create breathtaking drawings and paintings which resulted in many awards while she was a student at Nandua High School. It is our hope that this scholarship will honor Regina, her family and friends, and the community she grew up in.

About the Organizers +

Shantel Nock, Chief Executive Officer of Empower with Words: Education, Inc is a former recipient of the Gates Millennium scholarships as well as a current Gate Millennium Scholar Alumni. Raven Garris, Chief Executive Officer of Garamb Inc. is a former recipient of the Bayly-Tiffany scholarship which is awarded to students from the Eastern Shore of Virginia attending the University of Virginia. Nock and Garris both have a Master’s Degree in Public Health and are acutely aware of the ties between educational opportunities and health outcomes. Both women are passionately devoted to supporting students from low-income families and strive to assist students in accomplishing their college and career goals.


Empower with Words: Education, Inc, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, lives by its motto “propelling into purpose,” and provides scholarships to promote education. Garamb Inc. is also a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to ending food insecurity within low-income families. Through research and policy changes, the organization strives to develop innovative, affordable ways to ensure students have access to the healthy foods they need to focus and excel academically.

Please join us in supporting the educational goals of graduating seniors from the Eastern Shore of Virginia who shares Regina’s love of art. Together, we can help families who may otherwise not have access to resources and services send their students to college.



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