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Proven Steps to Successfully Navigate the College and Scholarship Process

About Gina Scholarship



Often parents and students face many challenges with last-minute college preparation planning or do not have a plan for success at all. This leaves them scrounging for help that ends up useless, or worst, missing out on scholarships that could help for the long-term, and save you money.


ZERO DOLLARS TO FULL SCHOLARSHIP provides an easy to follow 3-Step process on how and where to gain scholarships for college, reduce stress and budget wisely!


How to Reduce Stress & Overwhelm

If you had an opportunity to decrease your stress level to help your children with college preparation would you do it?


Do you know where and how to begin preparing your children for their future?


If your answers are yes, then Zero Dollars to Full Scholarship will take you through three phases to help you overcome the stress and help you identify the stressors that overwhelm you as a parent.   

How to Academically Plan for Your Child's Future

Do any of these questions sound familiar?



Is college worth the time or money?


How will I know I chose the right college for me?


How will I pay for my tuition?

No one in my family has ever attended college, how will I survive?


Will I fit in?


How will I know college is right for me?


Is my GPA high enough to get into college?


If your answers are yes, then ZERO DOLLARS TO FULL SCHOLARSHIP will take you through a series of exercises to help you and your child effectively prepare for getting into college, guaranteed.

How to Financially Prepare 

for your Child’s Education

One of the more frequent questions I get asked about college is how will a student pay for it?

Well, there are several ways to pay for college;

Academic Scholarship, Athletic Scholarship, Grants,

Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans,

Parent Plus Loans,

...and more.  


I teach you how to successfully secure them in this workbook

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