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Campus Tour

Thank you for your interest in Empower With Words 2019 Summer College

We're excited to offer your child/children the chance to explore their
future possibilities. We hope with this college tour they will explore the
possibility of furthering their education. Often, times many children are
unclear of what they want to accomplish or do immediately following high
or if they do have an idea, they are uncertain of how to go about it.
My goal is to open their eyes and mind of the entire process of seeking
secondary education. Through this experience, We're hoping they have a
a better understanding of the application process, ways to find finances for
tuition, building long term relationships with other students and setting
SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timetable) goals.

Two Steps to get set for an adventurous Campus Tour with Shantel

Download the document, fill it and submit a printed copy to Shantel in person.

Buy the pass here at 


Early bird Offer: Get a free Tips and Tricks booklet(Checklist - While you're in high school) when you book before 29 May.

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