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Mental Health In Education

Student mental health awareness is essential for education. EmpowerWithWords have Private Advisory Counseling for students to begin their education journey. Private advisory counseling includes Study Strategies, Time Management Strategies, GPA Maintenance, Scholarship Searches, College Application Completion, Editing Essays, and Recommendations. Our mission is to pour knowledge and facilitate the steps needed to enroll each person into the College, Trade School, or Certification Program/Facility that best aligns with their Career goals. We believe young minds with a Goal Focus mentality are what the world needs for a brighter tomorrow. At Empower with Words, we guide students to accomplish their steps toward furthering their education. However, making sure the student’s mental state is imperative to navigate through various transitions. Jordyn Evans, an undergraduate student enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University shared her personal experiences with working with EmpowerWithWords College Prep on our LinkedIn post. Jordyn explains that Shantel, Founder of EmpowerWithWords, helped her overcome the tough days when she did not have the energy to balance multiple obligations.“Even the days where I did not feel like getting up writing my essays. She was right here to help to outline them and made it very easy, even with the stress of having what to do and where to go through it… She also aided me when I struggled with my mental state, I appreciate it.” When a student is enrolled in the individual coaching program, EmpowerWithWords takes a holistic approach to best meet the individualized needs of both the students and their families.

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