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Managing Unnecessary and Uncontrollable Stress

Unnecessary stress is constantly stressing over past events that can not be changed. Uncontrollable stress is unpredicted events that occur resulting in stress. Students can experience this stress while they are in school or college. Here are some steps students can use to manage their stress.

  1. Exercise: Exercising can reduce student's stress by keeping them active and focused on their physical health

  2. Journaling: Writing in a journal can help students express, release, and process their emotions

  3. Talk to a friend/family and/or counselor: Students can talk to someone they trust to freely express their frustration without judgment. High schools and Universities offer programs and other resources where students can receive counseling services.

  4. Rest: Resting is important for students as it allows them to rejuvenate and restore their energy.

Parents, Educators, Coaches, and Mentors teaching students ways to handle stress can make students feel less pressure. Identifying stressors is also imperative in monitoring Mental Health Wellness. Our teams work with students as they transition from high school into adulthood. We do our best to provide time management strategies to balance the Must Dos VS. the Want Tos. (strategies we use in 1 on 1 sessions). We help encourage students and parents to increase their awareness of mental health and seek support when needed.

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