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Intern Testimony

Beyonnie Whitaker was an EmpowerWithWords College Prep Public Relations intern. She discusses her intern experience with EmpowerWithWords College Prep and explains how Shantel, Founder of EmpowerWithWords, assisted her throughout the internship. “ When I started at Empower With Words, I was excited to have a Public Relations Internship. However, at that time I was experiencing so much stress between my personal life and balancing undergraduate requirements. Interning at EmpowerWithWords is one of the best experiences because Shantel supported me through those tough times. Shantel taught me time management and self-discipline. I acquired skills in networking, marketing, creativity, and professionalism. If you are looking for an internship, I will recommend checking out EmpowerWithWords College Prep.” EmpowerWithWords provides educational services but uses a holistic approach such as partnering with other providers who are licensed mental health professionals. Shantel completed a webinar with Jessica Taylor, LPC explaining the importance of mental health by providing tips for students/parents to handle stress dealing with college and how to identify mental health from students. Watch the video down below to learn tips on mental health hygiene.

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